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Stanton Land & Sea is a unique advisory focused on understanding your business, resetting core beliefs and empowering staff.

Today’s technology-biased ethos has led to an over-reliance on using digital platforms to Sell, Market and Manage. Diluting the interaction with the vital elements of any business structure.

Stanton Land & Sea will ultimately improve your yields, whatever the commodity.

The Who

Founded in 2021, our primary focus was providing a discreet advisory service to clients looking to purchase super yachts. Having been asked by several clients to help with their core businesses at different levels, Stanton Land & Sea grew into a multi-faceted advisory service, pulling in invaluable knowledge, training and real-world experiences gained over my career.

Arable Harvest Student


Arable Harvest Student

Working for a 400ac Arable farm in the east of the United Kingdom taught me a lot at a young age.

Memorable quote: “you can have a day off when it rains” Crawford Stewart, Farm Owner.



Direct Sales and Training Management

Starting from the bottom, telesales, working my way to becoming a sales trainer, a troubleshooter and Branch Manager.

Memorable quote: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Kevin James, Divisional Sales Manager.

Agricultural Sales


Agricultural Sales and Management

I was changing my career back to my early passions. I broke new ground by establishing a non-agricultural client base by exploiting my previous sales expertise and ultimately being offered a managerial position.

Memorable quote: “The yard is full; we can’t take any more tractors for pre-delivery inspection” Jeff Stephens, Branch Manager.


Luxury Yacht Sales and Management

Seizing an opportunity to move country and career, I moved to the South of France to become a Yacht Broker. Ultimately became the Director of Sales for Monaco and the South of France.

Memorable quote: “I met you at your first boat show, and here I am 10 years later, buying my first Yacht from you; thank-you you for hanging in there.” Mr Price, CEO.

There is no typical day

Advisory takes many forms ranging from just a few pointers to embedding ones self within the company for an extended period.

There is no typical day
The beauty of independence

The beauty of independence

Big is not always best; larger consultancy firms often ask us for an opinion or guidance. Surrounded by graduates and managers, very few firms employ people with real-world experience.

Two ears, one mouth, use them in that ratio

Some of the best ideas come from within. Listen to the staff, the customers, and the environment. They will tell you how to improve.

Two ears one mouth
There is no substitute for getting your hands dirty

There is no substitute for getting your hands dirty

Time to get out of the ivory tower? Stanton Land & Sea is never afraid to roll its sleeves up and do what needs to be done.

President’s Message

“The business landscape is changing, and with the constant bombardment of looking to the future, one should not forget the past. I am from a generation with one foot in the past and one foot in the future. While digital is undoubtedly the future, we can not escape the human element.

I want your business to learn from my experience, and I want my business to learn from you.

I believe that with a passion, we can help.

The process starts with a cup of tea..”

President’s Message
Matthew Stanton, Founder.

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Success comes in many forms.

Contact us to become part of it.

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